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Heart and stroke patients worry the most about healthcare costs, says American Heart Association

Posted On Fri, February 12, 2010

A new study by the American Heart Association has revealed that patients recovering from heart disease or stroke are worried primarily about the lack of affordability in the current health care system and the corners that must be cut as a result.

According to the survey, more than half of all heart disease and stroke patients said they had difficulty paying for their prescriptions or medical expenses over the past two years. Much of the unease over costs revolved around their general inability to afford healthcare coverage, which two thirds of heart disease and stroke patients reported as their primary concern.

"The findings underscore the 'urgency of now' with respect to the health care reform debate," said Dr. Clyde Yancy, the AHA's President. "Patients who cannot obtain necessary medical care suffer worse outcomes and likely incur much higher costs as a result."

He added that conditions such as high blood pressure, which can be easily monitored and controlled with the proper care and medications, can become deadly and increase the risk of a heart attack if not properly attended to.

Without health insurance or affordable healthcare coverage to help pay for medical care or prescriptions, the costs that end up being the patient's responsibility can be both overwhelming and difficult to pay. Looking for coverage online to find a plan that suits a consumer best can help to alleviate the financial burden associated with medical costs.

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