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Effort to repeal healthcare law begins today in Congress

Posted On Wed, January 19, 2011

Republicans representatives that vowed to block the massive healthcare overhaul President Obama signed into law last year begin their repeal fight today, as debate is set to begin.

Despite not a single Republican lawmaker giving their assent in the House or the Senate, the bill passed both houses in March 2010. Many newly-elected Republican lawmakers made repealing the healthcare law a cornerstone of their campaign, as a variety of polls indicate the law is unpopular with the general public.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a Republican from Virginia, told an assemblage of reporters yesterday, "We'll do everything we can to delay and defund the provisions of the bill so that we can get some discussion going on how we can replace it."

Should Republicans be unsuccessful in their repeal fight, which is expected to last throughout the year, the healthcare law would require Americans to purchase health insurance by 2014.

The vote, expected to pass the House today, won't go much further than that, as Democrats maintain the majority in the Senate.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, approximately 57 million Americans are without health insurance. The healthcare law would provide coverage to 32 million Americans, according to the Congressional Budget Office.


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