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Eating right can help control health insurance costs

Posted On Wed, September 30, 2009

When it comes to controlling health insurance costs and maintaining a good overall quality of life, medical professionals often stress the importance of proper diet and exercise.

Such advice has especially been in the news lately in light of an emerging public debate over whether soda and other heavily sweetened drinks and foods should be taxed to help pay for healthcare reform. The nation's rapidly increasing obesity rate further contributes to the national discussion.

Now, the Centers for Disease Control is adding another dimension to the debate by reporting that relatively few Americans are getting their recommended daily allotment of fruits and vegetables. By eating more produce, people can reduce their cholesterol and weight, helping to avoid serious problems like diabetes and heart disease in the process.

"This report will help states determine what is taking place in their communities and schools and come up with ways to encourage people to eat more fruits and vegetables," said Dr. William Dietz of the CDC.

Overall, the growing focus on the cost of health insurance and medical treatment in general has led to an increased discussion on preventive steps such as proper diet and exercise.

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