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Driving recklessly can show lower lifespan possibilities

Posted On Wed, July 25, 2012

LexisNexis recently compiled a study which revealed that those who don't take care when driving may actually be at a higher risk for a shorter lifespan.

The organization's Motor Vehicle Record Mortality Study showed that of approximately 7.4 million motor vehicle record requests, those who committed significant driving infractions were approximately 70 percent more likely to die in any situation than those who did not have such issues. In addition, those who had at least six major violations had their mortality rate increase to 80 percent.

Those in between two and five major infractions had a mortality rate risk increase of 24 percent, the study showed. Furthermore, those women who committed violations on the road had a 100 percent greater chance for an early death than the ones who drove safely. For men, the figure rose by 61 percent. One violation from either increased the figure by more than half, while those with four or more had twice the risk of those who don't travel dangerously on the road.

"Our research shows that motor vehicle records can be a reliable indicator of lifestyle risk for insurance applicants," said Elliott Wallace, vice president of life insurance for LexisNexis. “For consumers, this study offers insight into how lifestyle impacts risk and the considerations they need to make for life insurance."

While there are sizable groups of drivers who do drive safe, many people practice caution while on the roads and in life. However, this can still mean that life insurance rates may rise. Those looking for an affordable plan may want to look for life insurance quotes online and find the most affordable option that still gives solid coverage.

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