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Driving hazards increased during the night

Posted On Thu, November 3, 2011

A recent report from automotive lighting company Sylvania showed that many consumers are concerned about driving at night, due to the increased dangers that are prevalent.

Nine in 10 drivers are worried about driving at night, with nearly 50 percent chiefly worried about animals darting into their travel lane. Another 42 percent are concerned with visibility issues, while more than one-third are stressed about driving in bad weather.

"What is very clear as a result of this survey is that most drivers have real, tangible fears associated with nighttime driving," said Joe Verbanic, marketing manager for Sylvania Automotive Lighting. "By simply upgrading to better, brighter headlight bulbs, drivers can ease many of their concerns - especially those related to darting animals, poor visibility and bad weather conditions."

Consumers upgrading their car lighting may help, but sometimes this doesn't always prevent disaster. In order to protect against such situations, it could be a good plan to look for auto insurance rates that are low, but still give the driver the protection they need on the road.

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