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Distracted driving rates continue to rise in North Carolina

Posted On Sat, July 30, 2011

In North Carolina, a texting-while-driving ban has been in effect for more than a year. Despite the law, FOX8 reports that state troopers across the state say that the number of cases has been exponentially increasing.

In July alone, 482 people have been ticketed for texting while driving in the state. The number is already approaching last year's entire total of 651 tickets. According to the source, state troopers believe that most drivers just aren't taking the law seriously enough.

Troopers report that many drivers attempt to hide their phones out of view while texting in the car to avoid being ticketed, but Trooper Greg Ingram says that it's relatively easy to spot a texting driver. He told the media outlet, "When you're behind them and you see their speed varying 10 to 15 mph, weaving inside their lane there's a good chance that's what may be going on."

The state hasn't outlawed drivers from talking on their phones while driving, but those caught texting while driving can face fines up to $100 and a court appearance. Being pulled over for texting while driving could also lead to unfavorable changes in an individual's auto insurance rates.

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