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Diabetes risk may decline with some exercise

Posted On Wed, July 18, 2012

A study published in health journal Diabetes Care showed that people who walk often may have a lower risk of developing diabetes.

Reuters noted that typically, walking at least 10,000 steps per day is recommended, which is roughly five miles. Citing the study, the news source said that close to 17 percent of those who walked fewer than 3,500 steps per day developed diabetes, but this dropped to 12 percent for those who managed 3,500 steps or more.

"Our finding wasn't surprising given that other studies have shown that even light activity is associated with a lower risk of diabetes," said Amanda Fretts, researcher at the University of Washington, and lead author of the report, in an email to the news source. "Increased physical activity may prevent weight gain and promote weight loss, a major determinant of diabetes risk."

Those who were exceptional walkers experienced a huge decline in diabetes likelihood, as it declined by nearly 30 percent compared to those who didn't walk often, the report explained. Fretts noted that those who stay active can actually help improve their overall health in many ways. This can have an effect on diabetes, due to being active cutting down on inflammation and glucose. However, she stressed that walking would only help the least active of people.

Those who are looking for more ways to cut down on their risk for illnesses such as diabetes may benefit from speaking with a physician. However, without a sufficient policy, this can be expensive. Looking for health insurance quotes from a large group of options may be the easiest way to get a solid plan.

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