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Depression may be linked to genes

Posted On Tue, May 17, 2011

Scientists have recently discovered a link between genetics and depression that could change how the condition is treated.

"In a large number of families where two or more members have depression we found robust evidence that a region [of chromosome 3] called 3p25-26 is strongly linked to the disorder," said Gerome Breen of King's College in London in a statement. Breen was one of the study's lead authors.

But what makes this study particularly noteworthy, according to researchers, is the study was performed separately, but the researchers came to the same conclusions. The other scientists that took part in the study were from Washington University in St. Louis.

"We are just beginning to make our way through the maze of influences on depression, and this is an important step toward understanding what may be happening at the genetic and molecular levels," said lead author Michele Pergadia of Washington University in a statement released by the school.

Depression is the one of the world's leading disabilities and diseases, according to the World Health Organization. Most people treat the condition through a combination of pharmaceuticals and counseling, both of which may be covered under people's health insurance plans.

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