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Couples shouldn't delay life insurance discussion

Posted On Wed, September 29, 2010

Discussing life insurance may seem like a morbid topic to some couples, but it's an important conversation to have. Especially given the difficult economic climate, a life insurance policy can help loved ones get through a difficult time without having to worry about money.

Despite the importance of carrying life insurance, a study conducted by KRC Research for State Farm Life Insurance reveals that nearly 75 percent of couples avoid the topic.

State Farm Life Insurance chief administrative officer Joe Monk says people shouldn't put off discussing life insurance.

"This survey shows that, at a time when couples should be sitting down to discuss how to prepare for the unexpected, far too many remain silent," says Monk. "As awkward as it can be to discuss the potential death of a family member, an uncomfortable discussion today can prevent a devastating financial impact tomorrow."

The money derived from a life insurance policy can be helpful in many ways. The funds can be used to cover medical bills and funeral expenses and will allow loved ones to maintain their current lifestyle.

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