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Consumers value reasonable pricing, information when choosing health insurance

Posted On Wed, March 14, 2012

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality recently released a study which showed many Americans would purchase a more expensive healthcare plan if they weren't given enough information on it.

The reason for jumping at a more expensive plan is that many consumers think that less expensive plans typically have worse options, the study said. However, if costs are considered too high, these same consumers think that plans are filled with unnecessary extra components or items that are not really needed for regular care.

"This study has important implications for the more than 150 public reports on physician and hospital care," said Dr. Carolyn Clancy director of AHRQ. "It's not simply a question of providing information on cost, but providing it in a way that is integrated with quality scores."

Consumers who are looking for health insurance quotes should look at more than just the prices. Comparing these items with other plans may help them find something that doesn't have high health insurance rates but still has enough coverage.

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