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CHPA head objects to Mississippi proposal to require prescriptions for cold and allergy meds

Posted On Mon, February 1, 2010

The president of the Consumer Healthcare Products Association is voicing her objection to recent discussions by the Mississippi House of Representatives on legislation that would require prescriptions for purchases of all cold and allergy medicines containing pseudoephedrine.

The reason for the proposed restrictions on the drug, which is often combined with antihistamines, is because of the ability for drug dealers to use it when creating crystal methamphetamine. However, while supportive of mitigating the creation of the narcotic, Suydam said that imposing the laws would only serve to complicate things for consumers.

Referencing a survey sponsored by the association, she said that 61 percent of consumers would oppose such a law if it was enacted, while 74 percent said that requiring a prescription would be an "unnecessary burden."

Instead, Suydam recommended the implementation of an e-tracking system for police and pharmacists to stop the sales of illegal amounts of pseudoephedrine and track cross-border sales.

The prospect of needing a prescription in order to purchase basic allergy or cold medicines may be seen as unneeded busywork for some, but for those lacking health insurance coverage the idea of needing a potentially expensive doctors' appointment for simple medications could prove to be somewhat daunting.

If such a law is passed in Mississippi, it could be even more useful for people to take out health insurance coverage so trips to the doctor are covered and necessary prescriptions can be easily obtained.

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