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Cars may use new technology to slow distractions

Posted On Fri, September 30, 2011

With car accidents responsible for the largest amounts of teenage deaths in the United States, a new project called Street Eyes was recently launched to attempt to cut down on the amount of accidents caused by distracted driving.

The project will monitor drivers to track what they are doing and ensure they are driving responsibly. It works with video and GPS technology and records it the information can be reviewed at a later date.

"All that is out there now for parents of teens and those concerned about elderly drivers is information. There is nothing to actually help them once they turn the keys over," said Jim Lipjanic, developer of the product. "StreetEyes will actually let you see what drivers are doing on the road, if they are following your rules and expectations."

Consumers worried about their teen's driving habits may want to obtain one of these tools, as it could help them lower the risk of distracted driving. Another good option could be to preach safe driving while obtaining the best auto insurance rates possible.

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