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Car wrecks made simpler with new mobile app

Posted On Mon, August 20, 2012

Car accidents are notorious for being a mess of red tape, but a new mobile app released by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) called WreckCheck could help to make things simpler for consumers.

According to the NAIC, consumers are too often unaware of what steps to take to file an accident report following a crash. WreckCheck proposes to make claims processes much easier and show consumers how to clear up any issues in a timely manner. The app also gives consumers advice on safe driving and how to keep auto insurance rates low in the future.

But the main point of WreckCheck is to prevent consumers from revealing too much information and leaving themselves vulnerable to identity theft.

According to the NAIC, one in six consumers would allow their license to be photographed following an accident, and 25 percent of consumers felt it necessary to share their home addresses. Neither of these things are necessary, and both can lead to identity theft.

In fact, according to Roadfish, auto accidents are sometimes staged specifically to steal a person's identity. Capitalizing on the fact that unknowing consumers often divulge personal information, identity thieves will cause accidents and use the information for their personal gain.

Some states do require drivers to exchange driver's license numbers and other information, but WreckCheck can help consumers determine if such an information exchange is necessary.

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