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Car repair costs vary significantly throughout nation

Posted On Tue, July 17, 2012

A report from CarMD showed that drivers in some states pay significantly more for vehicle repairs than other parts of the nation when it comes to "check engine" light issues.

Wyoming had the highest repair costs in the country in 2011, as motorists paid 17 percent more than the national average, as well as nearly 20 percent more for labor and 15 percent more for parts, the report explained. While the Cowboy State had a total cost average of $389.18, Indiana had the lowest, with $283.95. Utah, California, Montana and Arizona rounded out the top-five most expensive places to get a repair, while Maine, Wisconsin, Iowa and New Hampshire followed Indiana as the least expensive.

Overall, the national average for total labor costs in 2011 was $333.93, with $215.32 for parts and $118.61 for labor, according to the report. Total labor costs in 2011 dropped 6 percent compared to the previous year.

"We are encouraged to see overall repair costs trending down this year but recognize that drivers are still putting off small repairs such as spark plugs and oxygen sensors that can quickly turn into more serious problems," Art Jacobsen, vice president of CarMD. "With the higher cost for repairs in popular western vacation destinations, our data illustrates the need for summer travelers to make preventative maintenance and vehicle safety checks paramount in their road-trip preparation."

Consumers may feel they are paying too much for repairs, and this may hurt their ability to afford other necessary items. However, by looking for a more affordable insurance policy, these drivers may get to cut down on overall bills. There are many plans with low auto insurance rates available, and going online to compare quotes can make the process easier.

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