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Campaign highlights environmental impact of smoking

Posted On Thu, December 23, 2010

Smoking can cause an array of serious health problems. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says tobacco use is the most preventable cause of many medical conditions.

The California Health and Human Services Agency is trying to make residents healthier and to reduce the number of smokers in the state with a new ad campaign.

Unlike most anti-smoking campaigns, the CHHS efforts focus around the environmental impact of the habit.

California Department of Public Health director Dr. Mark Horton says, "California is proud, once again, to be a national leader in the fight against tobacco use and addiction, and is launching a new strategy - focusing attention on the degradation of the environment caused by discarded cigarette butts."

The department says more than 100 pounds of cigarette butts are discarded nationwide each year.

Smoking can also be costly. A number of states have imposed hefty taxes on cigarettes in an effort to get people to purchase less of the product. Furthermore, smoking can lead to higher life insurance premiums due to the dangerous health conditions associated with the habit. 

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