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Calorie counting may be more difficult than thought

Posted On Mon, January 11, 2010

Health insurance companies have long charged people with certain chronic and pre-existing conditions significantly higher premiums, which is one more reason why it's in the best interest of people to try to keep themselves as healthy as possible.

With New Year's Day having recently passed, many people are still thinking about resolutions they may have made such as paying debts or getting into better shape. When it comes to improving one's health, the basics include watching one's diet carefully and getting into a regular exercise routine.

However, monitoring one's diet isn't always easy, even though a growing number of restaurant chains now post their nutritional information online, while similar information can be found on most items sold on supermarket shelves.

According to a recent report in Time Magazine, data such as the number of calories in a given product can often be incorrect, making it that much harder to maintain a healthy weight.

The magazine cited recent research data which found that restaurant entrees can often contain up to 18 percent more calories than claimed, while the figure for calories in items purchased from supermarkets can be 8 percent higher.


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