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Bicyclist, truck occupant death tolls grow as auto fatalities shrink

Posted On Fri, December 14, 2012

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently released a report showing that the deaths of bicyclists and the occupants of large trucks increased dramatically in 2011.

The report shows that bicycle-related deaths increased by 8.7 percent, while the deaths of the occupants of large trucks rose by a startling 20 percent last year.

The increases have gone largely unacknowledged in the wake of the historically-low levels of traffic-related deaths, which fell by 1.9 percent to 32,367, the lowest level since 1949. The decrease is due to the drop in the deaths of drivers of small vehicles.

However, rather than an increase in driver safety, many have argued that the drop in auto fatalities is simply due to an increased amount of bicyclists on the roads, with consumers opting to bike to work or for pleasure rather than drive.

Regardless of cause, a drop in driving-related deaths could lead to decreased auto insurance rates in the near future.

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