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Auto insurance prices could benefit from anti-drunk driving systems

Posted On Mon, August 31, 2009

A major car company is working on technology that could help keep auto insurance costs down by preventing drunk drivers from getting on the road in the first place.

According to an AFP report, Toyota is working on a system that will prevent a car from starting if a driver's blood alcohol content is too high. According to the article, the system will include a hand-held breathalyzer and a digital camera.

The auto producer is reportedly eyeing the feature to be added to vehicles that are sold to companies and government agencies. AFP added that another auto company, Nissan, is currently working on a similar feature.

Similar technology is already fairly common and well-developed in the marketplace, but at this point is more commonly used for drivers who have already been convicted of a DUI offense.

By preventing injuries, fatalities and property damage associated with drunk driving, auto insurance companies stand to benefit in the form of fewer and less expensive claims, which would also benefit consumers, from both a financial and a safety standpoint.


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