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Auto insurance firm says kids should sit in the back

Posted On Mon, September 26, 2011

A recent report from PEMCO Insurance noted that it is important for children under the age of 13 to sit in the back seat, and while many parents recognize this, less than half follow through.

Eight in 10 parents in Washington state recognized that the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration encourages children under the age of 13 to sit in the back of the car, but only about half of that number actually prescribe to that recommendation. The state also has a law that requires most children under the age of 13 to sit in the back seat.

"Studies show that frontal crashes are the most common type of car accident," said Jon Osterberg, spokesperson for PEMCO. "Add that to the threat posed by air bags, which are designed for adult passengers, and there's no question that the safest place for children is the back seat."

Consumers who have good driving records and prescribe to NHTSA's regulations may want to ensure that their auto insurance is the best value. Comparing quotes may be the best way to do this.

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