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Auto insurance customers warned of ticket-intensive cities

Posted On Fri, September 4, 2009

A prominent motorists' rights organization is warning drivers that they are more likely to get tickets in certain cities using camera technology, potentially resulting in higher auto insurance premiums.

According to the National Motorists Association, cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Washington D.C. are among the cities using red light and other traffic ticket camera systems that target motorists.

For example, the group said that Chicago has 140 cameras that can issue tickets to motorists even if they run yellow lights, with one camera capable of generating up to $800,000 in tickets each year. Other cities were said to follow similar practices using traffic cameras, which have proven controversial nationwide.

In Arizona, the group notes that Scottsdale alone issued $17 million in tickets generated from camera technology, while the city of Los Angeles took in$4.8 million on right-turn violations at red lights alone in 2008.

Depending on the moving violation a motorist is ticketed for, such action can result in a higher auto insurance premium.

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