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Auto insurance can be a minor expense compared to unnecessary repairs

Posted On Mon, August 24, 2009

Many consumers are keeping their eyes open for the best auto insurance rates in the current recession. But that's not the only automobile related thing they need to concern themselves with.

According to a recent report by, a growing number of auto repair shops are talking consumers into work that they don't necessarily need. Some of these procedures reportedly range from engine decarbonization to transmission flushes, which are often only needed under certain circumstances.

The website adds that this is happening because consumers spent about 10 percent less on auto maintenance last year, making it tougher for some repair shops to maintain their bottom lines. The article went on to quote auto repair expert Philip Reed of as saying that some mechanics are "pushing to do things earlier and more frequently."

The article also cited another man, himself an auto mechanic, who apparently had a repair shop try to talk him into an unnecessary transmission leak repair that would have cost more than $300.

In the current economy, the best strategy for consumers is to read everything carefully, from auto insurance premiums to repair bills, to make sure they are getting the best price they can.

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