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Auto groups team up to promote safe driving

Posted On Wed, October 12, 2011

A recent report from American Automobile Association's Michigan branch noted that the organization is teaming up with Ford Driving Skills for Life and the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning in order to teach teens about the importance of safe driving to keep their auto insurance rates low.

The Strive for a Safer Driver program will visit as many as 50 school in the Wolverine State, and give a $2,000 grant to fund the many aspects of the program, according to the auto club.

Michigan drivers aged of 16 to 24 account for 14 percent of the driving population, but composed of 22 percent of all drivers in collisions, and approximately one-fifth of driver deaths in the state.

Consumers who want to ensure their children will drive safe live all over the United States, and similar projects may be in place to help teach road safety. But it is not always the child that drives dangerously that would put them at risk. Other drivers are a problem, as well, which may encourage parents to look into cheap auto insurance quotes to find something that is not only affordable, but more complete.

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