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Another state bans texting and driving

Posted On Thu, December 2, 2010

Motorists in Wisconsin will now face up to a $400 fine along with four demerit points if they are found to be texting while operating a motor vehicle. The new law takes effect December 1 of this year.

Distracted driving has gained widespread attention as of late. The practice has been associated with thousands of deaths in the U.S. each year.

Wisconsin State Patrol Superintendent David Collins says motorists who are distracted are taking the lives of others into their hands.

"Any lapse in attention to traffic or road conditions is a grave danger to you, your passengers and everyone else on the road," says Collins. "No attempt to multi-task in your vehicle, no phone call, and no text message is more important than a human life."

Even if a motor vehicle accident doesn't end up taking a life, the emotional and physical damage can be substantial. A minor accident at the very least can require result in higher auto insurance rates and a damaged vehicle requiring costly repairs. Motorists should pull over or wait until they reach their destination before answering a phone call or text message. 

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