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Americans' health showed mixed results in 2000s

Posted On Thu, December 31, 2009

While health insurance companies would have probably liked to see an overwhelming improvement in public health during the 2000s, a new survey suggests that while health improved in some sectors, it declined in others.

According to the Healthy People Project - which was created in the 1970’s to set health goals every decade in the hopes the country will collectively improve their health status over time - the 2000's were a mixed bag that saw progress and regression in a number of areas, the Associated Press reported.

Despite the goal to lower the number of adults with blood pressure from 28 percent in 2000 to 16 percent in 2010, early indications instead found the latter figure may have risen to 29 percent instead.

However, despite the negative aspects found in the survey, some promising figures were found as well. Childhood vaccinations rose over the course of the decade while cancer rates declined along with work injuries.

Moving ahead, the project will attempt to find more information about the 2000's while also moving ahead with their health goals for Americans to hit by 2020. However, while still attempting to push Americans to get healthy, the new set of goals may be a little less vigorous.

"We need to strike a balance of setting targets that are achievable and also ask the country to reach," said Dr. Howard Koh, the federal health official overseeing the Healthy People project, told the AP.

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