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Alertness can help ward off car accidents

Posted On Mon, November 22, 2010

A fatal motor vehicle accident doesn't have to involve speeding or an impaired driver. Simply glancing at the radio while another car switches lanes can be enough for a collision to take place.

During the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, more motorists are predicted to be on the road than usual. With the increased number of vehicles, it's crucial for drivers to be extra vigilant while behind the wheel.

The Iowa Department of Transportation has several suggestions to help keep motorists safe during their travels. In addition to ensuring all occupants wear a seatbelt, the department says it's important to abide by the speed limit and drive at a reduced speed if visibility becomes low.

Scott Falb of the Iowa DOT's Office of Driver Services says safe driving doesn't have to be a complex task.

"Focusing solely on the task of driving when 'behind the wheel' is the easiest way to improve safety. There is no such thing as a traffic 'accident.' Most crashes are preventable. What each driver needs to do is pay close attention to the driving task and use common sense."

In addition to being a safe driver, it's a good idea for motorists to carry auto and life insurance. The policies can help cover expenses resulting from accident.

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