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AAA: Ban texting nationwide

Posted On Mon, September 28, 2009

In a move that could help consumers hold down auto insurance prices in the coming years, the American Automobile Association is calling on all 50 states to ban texting while driving by 2013.

So far, major industry groups, including those representing wireless communications and others, have come out in favor of a nationwide ban on texting. The current AAA effort only adds additional momentum to the cause of a nationwide ban, even if this particular drive is focused more at the state level.

So far, 18 states have enacted texting bans, while a number of others are weighing such measures.

"AAA will lobby nationwide to pass laws in states that lack them and improve existing laws against texting while driving. We'll also continue our work through public education, driver training, and other safety programs to discourage motorists from engaging in the broad range of other distractions that tempt them while behind the wheel," said AAA official Tom Frymark.

The organization is also citing new research which found that driving while texting tends to drop when a ban is enacted, with this particular study focusing on California's law.

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