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A number of employers to offer preventative care benefits

Posted On Wed, September 29, 2010

Preventative care services are important for stopping people from getting sick with serious conditions. However, economic conditions may have prevented some people from having such screenings performed.

Under the Affordable Care Act, new health insurance plans are required to offer preventative care services without charge. This can translate into a number of people getting the care they need.

New health insurance plan holders are not the only ones to benefit, however. A HighRoads survey found that just under half of employers said they plan on offering better preventative care benefits.

Josh Miley, principal at HighRoads, says healthier employees can result fewer days missed from work.

"Progressive employers who truly believe in the value of employee health and well-being and, more so, their ability to impact and measure improvement to employee health and well-being are providing many of the PPACA mandated preventative services through an integrated wellness program or a 'culture of health,'" says Miley.

People can take their health into their own hands by making sure they get enough exercise and eat a well-balanced diet. While such measures may seem simple, they can greatly impact one's overall well-being.

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