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Supplemental Life Insurance

Depending on where you work, you may be eligible for company life insurance. This employer-paid insurance may be suitable for you and your family and may provide an adequate payout in the event you pass away. If the company insurance policy does not cover your needs, however, you may choose to purchase supplemental life insurance.

When Supplemental Life Insurance Is Beneficial

Supplemental life insurance is a term-based insurance policy available to provide additional coverage to you when you need it most, say, when you have younger children, or are in other transitional areas of life. Supplemental life insurance usually offers term coverage in a sum equal to a certain percentage of your annual base salary, with coverage varying according to your future salary and changes in age. You may also have the option of purchasing supplemental life insurance in the form of dependant insurance, where a lump sum is offered to each of your beneficiaries in the event of your death.

Supplemental Coverage

Supplemental dependent life insurance can help provide extra coverage for your family.
Supplemental life insurance is important to protecting the financial security of your beneficiaries. Choose supplemental life insurance to help give more to your family when you are gone.

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