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"Long" Term Life Insurance

Long term life insurance can be from 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or even 30 years. Generally, long term life insurance refers to the longest stretch possible with a particular provider. For 30 years you can lock in your term life insurance rates at a premium you can afford. For example, if you purchase $200,000 in coverage and pay a premium based on that in 2006, then in 2026 you can still be paying that amount for the same amount of coverage. The  term life insurance coverage does not get reduced over time.

Many top companies provide long term life insurance. The  term life insurance rates are dependent on various factors like age, health, livelihood and lifestyle. One of the main factors in determining  term life insurance rates is whether you have smoked tobacco in the previous 12 months. Once written, long term life insurance rates do not increase with inflation, health issues, or anything else.

Benefits of Long Term Life Insurance

Long term life insurance can help to protect individuals and businesses from a sudden death in the family or partnership. The death benefit from  term life insurance can help to pay off mortgages, put children through college, or pay off a business loan. In this way,  term life insurance can help protect and enable your family or business to move on into the future. Long term life insurance rates are locked in so you pay what you can afford.

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