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Life Insurance For Diabetics

Life insurance is important to ensure the financial security of your loved ones. But if you suffer from diabetes, life insurance can be unaffordable, or may seem unattainable, as some companies might consider you “high risk”. According to state law, life insurance companies can set higher premiums for those with serious medical conditions, or can charge rates according to people’s varying health conditions. Life insurance companies are permitted to deny life insurance to an individual based on their personal health.

Finding Life Insurance for Diabetics

Though this may seem discouraging, many life insurance companies do still provide affordable life insurance to those with diabetes. In fact, some life insurance companies even specialize in providing life insurance policies to those with chronic medical conditions.

Buying Life Insurance for Diabetics

Diabetics can purchase life insurance for a variety of costs. A major factor in determining the cost of your premium will be how well you can manage given your condition, as well as the type of diabetes you suffer from – type 1 or type 2. Generally, if you have diabetes, and are in good health, life insurance will be affordable. Life insurance for diabetics becomes more expensive as the condition worsens.

To find the best, most affordable life insurance policy, search for companies that specifically offer life insurance targeted to diabetics. Shop around using the internet, your phone, or ask for a referral from your doctor. Have up-to-date medical records ready to provide to the life insurance company of your choice. Be diligent in searching for the right life insurance policy to suit your needs.

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