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Utah Home Insurance

Utah home insurance offers the necessary property damage coverage for you home. When you buy a home in Utah with the help of a mortgage lender, they usually require you to carry Utah homeowners insurance for the length of the loan. There are a few policies that deal with single family homes. The HO-2 policy, a basic policy, covers damages caused by fire, smoke, vehicles, aircraft, water overflow from water heaters and air conditioners, theft, vandalism, explosions, and riots. The HO-3 policy, a broad more popular policy, covers these perils, but also provides bodily injury liability protection. This coverage pays for medical expense if someone has an accident on your property.

Utah Home Insurance Coverage

In Utah, many homeowners file claims for damages caused by thunderstorms, heavy winds, falling objects, hail, earthquakes, and winter storms. The rates can fluctuate in an area depending on the history of such perils and the number of claims. There are many other factors that affect the rates, including distance from a fire station and whether your home is a frame or brick home. Homeowners should be aware that Utah home insurance does not offer coverage for flood or earthquake damages. A separate flood or earthquake insurance policy has to be purchased to cover these damages.

Utah Home Insurance Rates

The 2006 rates for Utah home insurance show the difference between various insurance companies. Through one insurer, a $175,000 frame home would cost $561 to insure annually. The same home insured through another insurer would cost $490 to insure annually. The disparity between the two can be related to the various companies cost to do business in the state for that period. one insurer may have had more claims than another.

Saving Money

Many homeowners in Utah wish to lower their premium costs. To succeed in lowering a premium, homeowners can install alarm systems, deadbolts, and smoke detectors, which would entitle them to a discount from most insurance companies. Other homeowners find improving their homes durability to storms can reward them with a discount. These homeowners usually add storm shutters, reinforce their roofs, and add higher grade shingles to their roofs. Shop around before buying your Utah home insurance.

Utah Department of Insurance

Mailing & Delivery Address:
Utah Insurance Department
3110 State Office Building
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6901
Phone: 801-538-3800

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