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Nebraska Home Insurance

Nebraska home insurance provides property damage for any home. There are a few policies that most homeowners use for their Nebraska home insurance. The more basic policy, known as the HO-2 policy, covers the following perils: fire, smoke, hail, wind, falling objects, theft, vandalism, vehicles, aircraft, frozen pipes, a sudden cracking, and overflowing steam from air conditioners and water heaters. The broad HO-3 policy offers coverage for those perils as well as bodily injury liability protection. If someone were to have an accident on your property, this coverage would pay for medical expenses and any future settlements. When you purchase a home using a mortgage lender, they require you to carry Nebraska home insurance for the duration of your loan.

Nebraska Home Insurance Coverage

The risk of heavy storms can raise Nebraska home insurance premiums. In this state where tornados, thunderstorms, and hail, as well as winter storms can be prevalent, the necessary Nebraska home insurance coverage will be needed. Nebraska home insurance does not cover flood damage costs. Homeowners need to buy additional flood insurance in order to protect against flood waters. For a list of included perils with your Nebraska home owners insurance policy, review the “exclusions” list in your current policy.

Nebraska Home Insurance Rates

In relation to the rest of the country, Nebraska has some of the lowest rates. In areas where there are numerous claims, a homeowner may have increased premium rates. The Nebraska home insurance rates can also be dependant on distance from a fire station (frame house), how “weatherized” your home is, and the age and value of your home.

Saving Money

Of course everyone wants to save on their Nebraska home insurance. There are a few things a homeowner can do to decrease their premium. For instance, by installing storm shutters and reinforcing a roof, a homeowner can receive a discount from their insurance company. The majority of insurance companies offer discounts when you purchase more than one policy through them. Savings can be found when you shop around before buying your Nebraska homeowners insurance.

Nebraska Department of Insurance

Terminal Building
941 "O" Street, Suite 400
Lincoln, NE 68508-3639
Phone: (402) 471-2201

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