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Maryland Home Insurance

Maryland home insurance provides property damage coverage for you home. With even a basic policy, known as a HO-2 policy, a home is protected from damages caused by fire, smoke, hail, wind, falling objects, theft, vandalism, vehicles, aircraft, frozen pipes, a sudden cracking, and overflowing steam from air conditioners and water heaters. The most common Maryland home insurance policy, known as the HO-3 policy, provides bodily injury liability for any property and home. If someone were to have an accident on your property, this coverage would pay for their medical expenses as well as any additional legal settlements. When you buy a home with a bank’s help, they require you to carry Maryland home insurance.

Maryland Home Insurance Coverage

Maryland has a diverse geography and for this reason has many perils to consider. Homeowners in the state can experience earthquakes, wildfires, thunderstorms/lighting, excess heat, landslides/mudslides, tsunamis, and winter storms. When you review your Maryland home owners insurance, consider these perils and your likelihood of having damages caused by them. A homeowner can review what is not covered under Maryland home insurance by looking at the policy’s “exclusions” list. The majority of homeowners do not realize that their Maryland home owners insurance does not protect against flooding. Homeowners are required to purchase additional flood insurance to protect against this peril.

Maryland Home Insurance Rates

Maryland home insurance with a $500 deductible would cost $731 through one insurance company on a home in Calvert County worth $200,000. The same home in Cecil County would cost $993 to insure for the year through the same insurer. The various perils apparent in different counties accounts for this difference in premium rates. Before buying your home, it is good to find out the average rate for home owners insurance.

Saving Money

The Maryland home insurance rates can be reduced by doing some basic footwork. For instance, if your Maryland home insurance rates are high because you live in a heavy storm area, then you can strengthen your roof, by using stronger shingles, and attach storm shutters, all for a discount from your insurance company. The majority of insurance companies offer discounts when you buy both your home and auto insurance through them. In addition, you may find adding security systems, as well as smoke detectors, to your home can decrease your Maryland home insurance rate. An informed homeowner will shop around before buying a policy.

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Maryland Insurance Administration
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