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Georgia Home Insurance

Georgia home insurance provides property damage coverage for you home. The most basic policy (HO-2 policy) covers damages caused by fire, smoke, hail, wind, falling objects, theft, vandalism, vehicles, aircraft, frozen pipes, a sudden cracking, and overflowing steam from air conditioners and water heaters. The more robust policy (HO-3 policy) provides liability insurance which pays damages for any accidents that occur on the property. This type of broader coverage can also protect against some more unlikely occurrences like damages to drapes when they get frozen to a window or condensation damage to ceilings.

Hurricane Insurance

The more coastal regions of Georgia have to be concerned about Hurricane insurance, which adds additional coverage to Georgia home insurance. The provisions inside the Hurricane insurance protect against the ghastly storms that cause major structural damages.

Georgia Home Insurance Rates

As we discussed, some regions of Georgia are prone to flooding and Hurricane damages. For this reason, from county to county a person can find differences in premium rates for their Georgian home owners insurance. Of course, higher populated areas Georgia home insurance rates can be higher due to higher costs of homes in that area.


When buying a home in Georgia, find out the average cost for Georgia home owners insurance in that area. If the property insurance estimates meet your requirements, then consider buying a home. Many homeowners mistakenly enter negotiations for a home in an area that has a history of flooding and high winds only to find out their Georgia home insurance premium will price them out of buying the home.

Fee Reduction

If you are ready to own your home in a high premium area, you can reduce your Georgia homeowners insurance premium by doing several little things. A homeowner can add security systems, smoke detectors, and deadbolts to increase security and safety on a property. Many insurance companies provide discounts for these added items. It may also be prudent to purchase your Georgia home owners insurance from the same company that you buy your car insurance policy. Companies tend to offer discounts for multiple policies within the same household.

In Macon County, a HO-3 policy (the most common policy) on a $150,000 home can run an annual cost of $801.00 with a $250.00 deductible through one insurance company. The same $150,000 frame home with a deductible of $1000.00 would run $633.00 through another insurance company. Even more, a third insurer offers the annual premium rate of $747.00 for the same home with a $250.00 deductible. It pays to shop around before buying your Georgia home owners insurance.

Georgia Department of Insurance

Two Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
West Tower, Suite 704
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

Main Telephone: 404-656-2070
Toll Free: 800-656-2298

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