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Florida Home Insurance

Florida home insurance provides property damage protection for your home. With most basic policies damages caused by fire, smoke, hail, wind, falling objects, theft, vandalism, vehicles, aircraft, frozen pipes, a sudden cracking, and overflowing steam from air conditioners and water heaters are covered. With more deluxe policies like the HO-3, a homeowner would have added liability protection guarding them against lawsuits from accidents and injuries sustained on their property.

In Florida the hurricane season can be dreaded and many in the insurance agency fear it even more. By December 31st, 2005, insurance companies had paid more than 9 billion dollars in claims from hurricane Charley. With numbers like that, most homeowners should be aware of the coverage their insurance company has provisioned for hurricanes and high wind storms. The majority of companies offer Hurricane insurance in addition to existing policies. This type of policy can protect against strong storms and secure your investment.

Florida Home Insurance Rates

In relation to other states, Florida home insurance premiums are rather high. For instance, many Dade and Polk county homeowners could place their home in Wisconsin and pay a third of what they currently do. Obviously, this option cannot be a reality, so residents must find ways to reduce their costs.

Insurance Reduction

Many have found that reducing their insurance can be difficult but a worthwhile project. Florida home insurance can be reduced by increasing the deductible. Another way would be to purchase the policy from your car insurance provider. Many insurance companies offer a discount when buying more than one policy through them. Of course, homeowners should be aware that they only need insure for the worth of their property, not for the land. The land can withstand fire, falling objects, and the like, but of course the home cannot. With doing a little footwork, a significant reduction in annual fees can be found.

Florida Department of Insurance

200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399
Phone: (850) 413-3140

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