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Connecticut Home Insurance

Connecticut home insurance offers protection for your home and personal items inside the home. The basic policy offers protection for damages caused by wind, hail, fire, smoke, vandalism, theft, vehicles, aircraft, falling objects, riot, and explosions. The more robust policies offer liability coverage which will pay damages if someone were injured on the property. Most mortgage lenders require homeowners to purchase at least a basic policy to protect their investment.

Connecticut Home Insurance Premiums

In Connecticut, a few things may affect the cost of your premium. For the most part high wind storms and hurricanes cause higher rates. There are deductibles underwritten into policies for winds, hurricanes, and high windstorm in most areas. Also many homeowners in Connecticut opt to purchase additional flood coverage, especially those living in areas prone to high levels of rain. Most Connecticut home insurance policies do not cover flooding. For a list of perils not included with your policy, review your “exclusions” section.

Connecticut Home Insurance Rates

The Connecticut home insurance rates are somewhat high. For many, the home insurance premium is higher because of their home cost. Because homes in Connecticut are more expensive than other parts of the country, it makes sense that the Connecticut homeowners insurance would also be higher. Often in areas prone to flooding or high winds, the Connecticut home insurance rates will be higher. In some cases, different rates can be viewed from county to county.

Fee Reduction

When reducing your Connecticut homeowners insurance cost, you can begin by selecting a low risk area to live. Of course if you all ready have a home in a high risk area, you can provide added protection against theft, by adding a burglar alarm system, or from fire by adding smoke detectors throughout the house. In some cases, insurance companies offer discounts when you purchase more than one policy through them. There are many ways to reduce your Connecticut home insurance, if you take the time to do the footwork.

Connecticut Department of Insurance

State of Connecticut Insurance Department
153 Market Street
Hartford, CT 06103

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 816
Hartford CT 06142-0816

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