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Colorado Home Insurance

Colorado home insurance can offer protection against many things with just a basic policy. The standard protection provided by Colorado homeowners insurance covers damages caused by wind, fire, smoke, falling objects, vehicles, aircraft, vandalism, theft, and even volcanoes. The more deluxe policies offer liability coverage, which protects you in case someone has an accident on your property.

Colorado home insurance can offer different ways to reimburse the policy holder. An actual cash value assessed for the property would reduce the payout by the market depreciation value of the home. Replacement cost for the home would offer money to completely rebuild a home without any market depreciation reduction. The final option called “Guaranteed Replacement Cost” would pay to replace a home regardless of the policy limitations, which would provide the most protection for your home’s assets.

Colorado Home Insurance Coverage

The majority of Colorado home insurance policies do not cover, by default, damages caused by heavy snow and ice accumulation, falling rocks and avalanches, or flooding. A homeowner must be aware of the perils covered by the Colorado home insurance. If you want to know what is covered in your California home insurance, review the “exclusion” portion of your policy.

Colorado Home Insurance Rates

Various companies in 2005 offered quotes for an HO-3 (the most common Homeowners policy) for a home located in Denver. From this study, we find that one insurer would charge $1,362.00 for an annual fee, while another insurer would only charge $851.00 for an annual fee. For this reason, it is always prudent to shop around before purchasing your Colorado home insurance.


There are many other ways to reduce your Colorado home insurance premium. Before you buy a home, find an area that has lower premiums for home insurance. This can be done by reviewing past records online or by assessing areas for historical “Acts of God”. Some homeowners have found that insurance companies provide a discount when you purchase both your Colorado homeowners insurance and auto insurance from them. Others have provided added security to their home with a burglar system, deadbolts on the doors, and smoke detectors. There are many tried and true ways to reduce your Colorado home insurance.

Colorado Division of Insurance

1560 Broadway, Suite 850
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (303) 894-7499

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