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Arizona Home Insurance

Arizona home insurance can be a basic policy or a more deluxe policy depending on your needs. With a basic Arizona home insurance policy, fire, hail, storm/wind, riot, aircraft, smoke, vandalism, theft, and vehicle caused damages are covered. If you wish to insurance against accidents on the property, a more deluxe policy which provides liability coverage would be needed. Most policies allow the homeowner to determine the property coverage method. These include insuring the property for the actual cash value, which is dependent on the market in the community. A policy carrying “replacement cost” would repair the home in the event of damages and also replace any personal items damaged, without a market depreciation reduction. And finally, an Arizona home insurance policy can protect a home with what is called “guaranteed replacement cost.” This type of coverage pays for replacement of a home, even if that cost exceeds the coverage of the policy.

When purchasing Arizona home insurance, you must be aware of the “perils” that are covered by the policy. In Arizona fire would be high on the list of damages, which is covered by most policies. Of course, check the exclusions portion of the policy to see what is not covered by the underwriting.

Arizona Home Insurance Rates

The Arizona home insurance rates can vary from company to company. When purchasing an Arizona home insurance policy, remember to shop around for the best deal. According to March 1st, 2006 data, a frame home located in Phoenix cost $353 to insure annually through one insurer, but the same home cost $757 to insure by another insurer.

Reducing Your Arizona Home Insurance Rates

Many homeowners seek out ways to reduce their premiums. There are many simple suggestions that can greatly reduce your rate. The Arizona homeowners insurance premium can be purchased from the same company where you buy your auto insurance. Many insurance providers offer discounts when you buy more than one policy through them. A homeowner could reduce their Arizona home insurance premium by improving home security. This means installing security systems to prevent burglary, installing fire detectors, and CO2 detectors. Insurance companies offer discounts for good upkeep of these safety devices.

Arizona Department of Insurance

2910 N. 44th St.
Suite 210
Phoenix, AZ 85018-7269
Phone: (602) 364-2499

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