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Alaska Home Insurance

Alaska homes insurance offers protection against many disasters. There are different policies offered by most companies providing Alaska homeowners insurance. The most common policy called HO-3 covers any damage to the property or the property’s contents, and includes liability coverage for any accidents or injuries that may occur on the premises. Alaska home insurance is required by most home mortgage lenders.

Of course, Alaska home insurance have the option to buy policies ranging from basic to deluxe. These policies provide coverage dependent on many factors. In Alaska, many homeowners should be aware of coverage available for snow and ice weight and frozen pipes. Even basic Alaska homeowners insurance policies cover claims for fire, windstorm, hail, aircraft, smoke, and damages caused by a vehicle. The more deluxe policies, including HO-3 carry coverage, offer liability damages arising from accidents that occur on the property.

Alaska Home Insurance Rates

For Alaska home insurance premium rates, many insurance companies look at the weather history to determine costs. Since a large portion of payouts come from damages caused by mother earth, the rates can increase or decrease depending on the prevalence of storms, including hail, high winds, heavy snows, and ice in your area. A close location to a fire station can reduce the cost of fire protection. There are many factors that affect Alaska home insurance. It is best to review your coverage and reduce or increase coverage as when you need it.

The price of Alaska home insurance can be expensive for some families. In order to save on your Alaska home insurance, we suggest you begin by shopping around for the best deal. Many companies offer competitive rates, so don’t go with your first policy offer. Also, if you own a vehicle or many vehicles, talk to the company that insures them. It is likely they will offer a discount for your loyalty to them. You can also think about raising your deductible from a low amount to a higher amount. By doing these simple things, several dollars can be shaved from a new or existing policy.

Alaska Division of Insurance

Juneau Office
9th Floor State Office Bldg.
333 Willoughby Avenue 99801
PO Box 110805, Juneau, Alaska 99811-0805
Phone: (907) 465-2515

Anchorage Office
Robert B. Atwood Building
550 W. 7th Avenue, Suite 1560
Anchorage, Alaska 99501-3567
Phone: (907) 269-7900

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