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Manufactured Home Insurance

Manufactured home insurance is practically the same as mobile home insurance and the two terms are practically interchangeable. Manufactured home insurance differs from typical home insurance mainly on the coverage limits.

Manufactured home insurance costs less compared to ordinary home insurance though. Manufactured home insurance policies have special provisions unique for manufactured homes as in the case of collision coverage. With this coverage, a manufactured home can be covered from damages incurred while it is being moved from one location to another.

Manufactured Home Insurance Coverage

Manufactured home insurance policies are some of the fastest growing insurance policies for consumers. This is because of the growing popularity of mobile homes, owing to their affordability. While they cost less, they are just as sturdy as regular homes and should appreciate in value. The manufactured homes of today are very different from those in the past and deserve to be protected with insurance.

Property coverage is very similar to regular home insurance. Manufactured home insurance policies protect your house from a variety of damages resulting from fires, hail, storm, lightning, falling objects. The home insurance can cover your entire home or just part of it. It may cover multi-sectional houses and adjoining properties such as garages and sheds too.

Most manufactured home insurance plans only provide replacement cost though. This means that if your property has depreciated in value, what you will get is smaller than what you originally paid for. However, one can increase his premiums in order to get the full replacement value.

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