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Seattle Home Insurance

Seattle Home Insurance

Seattle Home Insurance primarily includes most insurance requirements that you may have. A distinctive Seattle home insurance package incorporates four basic areas: Homeowner Dwelling And Personal Property, Liability, Medical Payments and Additional Home Living Expenses.

Home Dwelling and Personal Property Coverage

Home dwelling covers your house and your personal property. In case any serious or minor damage befalls your house or structures within your private premises, like a store-house, cow-shed, etc. then this comes within the range of the home dwelling insurance policy. Structures not within the range of your main housing premises are normally incorporated for 10% of the complete limit for insurance.

Personal property is that area of insurance that addresses your private possessions against getting stolen or damaged. This covers all commodities and things that are on your private property. This is true only if they cannot be categorized under the category of vehicles, where you will need an auto insurance. Normally these private possessions inherit a value of 50% on the complete insurance total.

Personal Liability Coverage

Personal liability takes care of all those claims where someone else gets injured or has to bear a loss and damage to their personal belongings while they are on your property. This however does not include vehicles and automobiles like cars, etc. It takes care of all the legal penalties as well as the compensation amount as per ordered by the law court. This particular policy also incorporates insurance on your pets. In a certain way they take care of your whole household.

Since it does not specify a minimum deductible value, it means that there is no need for you to meet a fixed minimum amount for the company to pay. 
The boundary is normally defined at $100.000, even though you may go in for a high raise on those premium limits.

Medical Payments Coverage

In case of an injury on your property, this facility pays for all the medical attention and medical care that is needed irrespective of whose fault it was. However certain insurance companies will pay only some of the amount if you are yourself at fault. Hence it is a good practice to be careful.

Additional Living Expenses

In case of a damage to your house that makes normal living impossible, this policy covers and pays for your temporary relocation to a motel up to a period of a year. The largest limit of payout  is usually defined at 20% of the complete insurance total.

Additional Coverage:

Bad weather is an inherent feature about living in Seattle. So, an additional insurance covering these weather hazards like storms, etc. is a very good idea.

Debris Removal:

When natural calamities such as floods or storms occur then this covers the cost of having debris removed from your personal property.

Trees, Plants and Shrubs:

You can insure green plants and shrubs that are present on your property and that too at $500 per piece of trees and plants.

Credit Card Coverage and Identity Theft:

This can save you from the very common credit card thefts and identity losses that many people suffer these days.


Mold damage generally does not get insurance, but it is possible to aquire as an extra.

General Types Of Seattle Insurance
In Seattle, the three general kinds of home insurances are: HO1, HO2 and HO3. HO1 covers only basic needs. However HO2 and HO3 have rather extended and wide coverage. Out of them HO3 is most prominently utilized.

How Do You Choose The Right Insurance Limit?

The primary decision to be taken during home insurance is the setting of the insurance limit. That includes the complete amount that your home insurance incorporates. You may be fit for a very high compensation if you have defined high insurance limits. But also, high premiums too result out of high limits. So it stands square and even.
Prior to fixing a limit, go through the following pointers:

  •    You need to outline a detailed list of the price of your property and possessions. Also try to incorporate true receipts.
  •    Take a decision as to how much you want covered. Are you easy with risks or not?
  •    You must get your house and your belongings and all your property professionally evaluated.


How Much Will Your Seattle Home Insurance Cost You?

The final and complete price for your home insurance, is determined by many factors and variables. The most significant among them is the type of insurance i.e,HO1, HO2, HO3,  then the deductible amount that you may have permitted. Beyond these, other noteworthy factors may include:

Property Age and Construction Type

Houses that are old may have been built in an age when the rules and regulations were lax and not so tight as they are today. Hence the time period the property has been there may be an important factor in framing out the insurance policy for that particular property.

Credit Card Risk

If after a very normal credit evaluation, a company decides that you possess a poor credit record then you may have to pay an additional extra premium to get the insurance of your property.


This is something that severely affects the insurance cost. It is that insurance amount that you yourself need to pay. A high deductible eliminates certain things from the range of your insurance coverage. However it guarantees a rather low premium amount. That ensures payouts from insurance for a larger number of cases though at much higher monetary prices.

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