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San Francisco Home Insurance

San Francisco Home Insurance

San Fransisco Home Insurance is basically a combined insurance that covers most of insurance needs. A common San Fransisco Home Insurance package usually includes four areas of cover, namely Homeowner Dwelling And Personal Property, Liability, Medical Payments and Additional Home Living Expenses.

Home Dwelling and Personal Property Coverage

San Fransisco Home Insurance and Personal property as is obvious insures your personal belongings including appliances and jewelry but excluding automobiles. For any vehicle you will need auto insurance. The rest of your belongings are covered under Personal Property coverage which are covered for 50% of the insurance sum.
Home dwelling covers your property and all structures built thereon. This includes storage sheds, garages and any other additional structures that you might have. Structures not part of the main house building however are valued at 10% of the total insurance.

Personal Liability Coverage

In the case of someone getting injured or their belongings getting damaged or stolen while they were on your property, the liability will be covered by the insurance. If a court orders a compensation to the third party, then that as well as the legal fees involved will be covered under the insurance. This plan covers your whole household, pets included.

The absence of a minimum deductible means that the insurance company will pay without the requirement of a minimum amount that needs to be met.
The limit for Personal Liability coverage typically stands at $100.000 and can be raised as desired by paying a higher premium.

Medical Payments Coverage

In the event of someone getting hospitalized for any reason, or needing treatment at home, all medical expenses will be paid for by the insurance. There are companies that have different policies regarding your involvement in the case, so it is advisable that you discuss this at the time of buying insurance.

Additional Living Expenses

In case you need to relocate to a motel or an apartment owing to extreme damage to your house, the insurance pays for up to 12 months. The limit is usually around 20% of the total insurance sum.

Additional Coverage

California being a coastal state as well as an earth-quake prone area, there are certain add-ons that can make home insurance more complete for San Francisco residents. Some of them are:

Debris Removal

Debris resulting from earthquakes, storms or floods is removed free of cost under this particular add-on plan.

Trees, Plants and Shrubs

If you love your trees and plants as much as you should, they too can be insured for a maximum of $500 per.

Credit Card Coverage and Identity Theft

This plan is useful in case of credit card thefts and frauds which can have some undesirable consequences.


Yes, mold can damage your house, but it is rare, and so is not included in the common package. It can be purchased as an add-on though.

Available Packages under San Francisco Home Insurance:
Three main packages are available: HO1 is very basic and provides very limited cover. HO2 is a plus plan with better cover than HO1. HO3 is the most complete and commonly used plan with extended cover.
HO1(Basic Coverage) insures you against the following perils:

Lightning and Fire

Damages to Cars and Aircrafts from Earthquakes

Mischief and Vandalism



Riots and Civil Unrest


Windstorm, Hail and Hurricanes

Accidental Water Damage

HO2 (Extensive Coverage) insures you against the same perils as HO1 as well as:

Building and Home collapses

Freezing Damages

Water and Steam Damages Incurred From Plumbing and Water Heating

HO3 (All Risk Coverage) covers just about all perils. It is easier summarized by the things it does NOT cover:

Property Damage from Earthquakes

Vermin Infection (mice, rats, insects)


Freezing Damages While Your House Was Unoccupied (Except if you turned of water or turned on heating)

Wind or Hail Damage To Shrubs and Trees

Vacated Home Expenses (Expenses incurred while you were away from your home for over 60 days in a row)

Maintenance (Wear and Tear)

Water Seepage Damage.

How Do You Choose The Right Insurance Limit?

Another major issue that needs to be taken care of is the total sum of insurance. The sum decides how much you’re covered for and how much you’ll receive wherever the need arises. A higher limit does come for a price since you end up paying a higher premium. Some points that you need to take care of when deciding your insurance limits:

  •    List down all your belongings, adding original receipts where you can.
  •    See what you can afford to cover yourself. This will allow you to set a higher limit without raising the premium.
  •    Get a professional to give you an estimated value of all your belongings since there are bound to be objects which are valuable but whose value you’re unsure of.


How Much Will Your San Fransisco Home Insurance Cost You?

Depending on the plan chosen (basic HO1, or premium HO2 or HO3), the price of your insurance is also influenced by the following factors:

Property Age and Construction Type

When your house was built makes a difference since the material used, cost incurred and the durability of the structure will differ.

Credit Card Risk

Any good insurance company will check your credit history before insuring you, and a bad rating will obviously add to the price you pay to get yourself insured.


A major factor in deciding how much you shell out of your pocket for buying insurance, is how much you can shell out on your own in event of a claim. The more you can pay on your own, the lower yourpremium, and vice-versa.

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