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Fort Worth Home Insurance

Fort Worth Home Insurance

Fort Worth Home Insurance is often more expensive than home insurance in other parts of the country. The same things that make Fort Worth a pleasant climate to live also bring higher risks of house damage from unstable weather and fires. It is important to have the right Fort Worth Home Insurance to protect yourself from this.

Home Insurance is a broad term that covers most insurance needs that you have. A typical home insurance package will include 4 general areas: Homeowner Dwelling And Personal Property, Liability, Medical Payments and Additional Home Living Expenses.

Home Dwelling and Personal Property Coverage

Home dwelling is the part of your insurance that covers your house and property. If any damage happens to either your house or structures on your property, such as garden shed, garage or storage, then this will be covered by your home dwelling policy. Structures that are not part of your main house are usually covered for 10% of the total insurance limit.

Personal property is the part of your insurance that cover your personal belongings against damage and theft. This includes any items on your property, as long as they can not be classified as a vehicle, in which case you need auto insurance. Usually personal belongings are valued at 50% of the total insurance sum.

Personal Liability Coverage

If someone gets injured or suffers damage to their belongings (not including automobiles) while on your property and they make a claim against you, then personal liability will cover this. Personal liability covers all fees, including legal fees and the final compensation ordered by a court. Your entire household is covered by this policy, including pets such as your dog.

There is no minimum deductible for personal liability, meaning that you will not have to meet a minimum set amount, before your insurance company will pay out.

Personal liability limit is usually set at $100.000 dollars, although you can for a higher premium raise those limits.

Medical Payments Coverage

If a person on your property gets injured and needs medical attention, then medical payments coverage covers this, no matter who's fault it was. Though some insurance companies will not cover full costs, if you were responsible, so it pays to read the small print carefully.

Additional Living Expenses

Additional living expenses covers the cost that you may have if your home is damaged to such a degree that you can no longer live there. This policy pays for temporary relocation of up to 12 months in a motel or apartment. The maximum payout limit is normally set at 20% of the total insurance sum.

Additional Coverage:

As described in the introduction, residents of Fort Worth and Texas often face risk of storms and other bad weather more often than others, so it can be a good idea to sign additional insurance:

Debris Removal:

Debris removal covers you against the cost of having debris removed from your property in case of storm and floods.

Trees, Plants and Shrubs:

If you have green plants or threes on your property, then you may want to insure them as well. This policy insures your green's for up to $500 a piece.

Credit Card Coverage and Identity Theft:

This policy is included in some Texas home insurance policies and covers you against misuse of your identity, such as credit card fraud, which is sadly common.


Damage from mold is rarely included in home insurance, but you can sign extra insurance for a limited coverage.

General Types Of Fort Worth Home Insurance

In Forth Worth, Texas, there are three general types of home insurance policies: HO1, HO2 and HO3. HO1 is only regarded as basic coverage, while HO2 and HO3 are regarded as extended coverage. HO3 is by far the most common insurance type.

HO1(Basic Coverage) insures you against the following perils:

Lightning and Fire

Damages to Cars and Aircrafts from Earthquakes

Mischief and Vandalism



Riots and Civil Unrest


Windstorm, Hail and Hurricanes

Accidental Water Damage

HO2 (Extensive Coverage) insures you against the same perils as HO1 as well as:

Building and Home collapses

Freezing Damages

Water and Steam Damages Incurred From Plumbing and Water Heating

HO3 (All Risk Coverage) covers just about all perils. It is easier summarized by the things it does NOT cover:

Property Damage from Earthquakes

Vermin Infection (mice, rats, insects)


Freezing Damages While Your House Was Unoccupied (Except if you turned of water or turned on heating)

Wind or Hail Damage To Shrubs and Trees

Vacated Home Expenses (Expenses incurred while you were away from your home for over 60 days in a row)

Maintenance (Wear and Tear)

Water Seepage Damage.

How Do You Choose The Right Insurance Limit?

One of the major decisions to be made when you buy home insurance, is to decide your insurance limits. Insurance limit is the total amount your home insurance covers. The higher the total insurance limit, the higher compensation you are eligible to receive. Of course, higher limits bring higher premium, so it is a balance act.

Before you choose a limit, check of the following points:

  •    Make a detailed list of the value of your property and belongings. Include original receipts where possible.
  •    Decide on your coverage. Can you bear some of the risk for yourself? This will be cheaper.
  •    Get your property and home valued by a professional.


How Much Will Your Fort Worth Home Insurance Cost You?

The total cost of your home insurance, depends on several factors. Most important is the insurance type (HO1, HO2, HO3), then the deductible amount. After this there are some additional factors to be aware of:

Property Age and Construction Type

Older houses sometimes were built under different regulation, that were looser than today. The age of a property is therefore sometimes used to price a home insurance policy.

Credit Card Risk

Most insurance companies do a basic credit evaluation of you, before deciding on a price. If you have bad credit rating, then they may want an additional fee to insure you.


The deductible is where you can really affect the cost of your insurance. Deductible is the part of the insurance amount that you have to pay out yourself. If you have a high deductible, then some things will not be eligible for coverage, but your premium will be lower. A low deductible will mean insurance payouts for more events, but at a higher price.

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