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Denver Home Insurance

Denver Home Insurance

What Is Covered in Denver, Colorado Home Insurance? (Homeowners Insurance)

If you live in Denver, Colorado you probably already know you need Denver Home Insurance. Denver Home Insurance will protect you against damages from the hail and snow that is common in Denver, Colorado. You will also need Denver Home Insurance to protect you against tornado's when they do happen, which luckily is not to often.

Home insurance is not just insurance for your house against damage, but a complete insurance package, that will solve most of your insurance needs. Home insurance covers both your house and other structures on your property, personal liability and your personal belongings. Denver Home Insurance can differ in what is included, but all home insurance policies contain these 4 basic coverage areas:
Homeowner Dwelling And Personal Property, Liability, Medical Payments and Additional Home Living Expenses.

Home Dwelling and Personal Property Coverage

This part of your insurance takes care of your property and any structures on it. It is the kind of insurance that you need to protect yourself against the weather and the effect on your house, both direct and indirect. Home dwelling covers all structures on your property, including sheds, garages or additional storage rooms. If these structures are not part of your main house, they will be included in the policy, with a value of up to 10% of your total insurance limit.

Personal property is the part of your insurance that cover damages and theft of your personal belongings. This would normally mean your valuables, furniture and household electric appliances. As long as it is not a vehicle, then it will be included here. The maximum payout amount limit is usually set at 50% of your insurance limit.

Personal Liability Coverage

If something should happen to any persons or their belongings while visiting your property and they file a claim against you, personal liability will cover you against the costs. Personal liability includes the cost to defend yourself in court as well as the compensation to the other party if need be. Personal liability covers all members of your family under one, including the family dog or other pets.

An benefit of personal liability insurance is that there is no minimum deductible.

Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payments covers expenses that arise if someone is injured on your property and needs medical attention. Medical payments coverage covers the costs associated with this no matter who caused the injury, as long as it was not intentional of course.

Additional Living Expenses

If the unfortunate happens and your house gets so badly damaged, that you can no longer live in it, then additional living expenses will help you relocate for up to 12 months in an apartment or motel, while your house is undergoing repair. The total compensation you may receive is up to 20% of the total insurance limit.
Additional Coverage:

Because of the sometimes bad weather in Denver, Colorado and the frequent hail, some residents may want to protect themselves with additional coverage. There could also be other reasons to get additional coverage. The most common form of additional coverage is:

Debris Removal:

If for some reason, such as storms, a lot of debris ends up on your property, then debris removal insurance will cover the cost associated with getting it removed.

Trees, Plants and Shrubs:

Denver weather can be susceptible to hail storms which can destroy your plants and trees. If you wish so, you can insure them against damage from storms and lightning up to $500 pr. piece.

Credit Card Coverage and Identity Theft:

Some residents that live in areas with a lot of crime, may wish to protect themselves against credit card fraud which can happen if you lose your wallet. This policy covers credit card fraud and other identity theft for up to $500.


Mold damage is usually not included in a Denver home insurance package, but can be purchased as an additional option.

Types of Home Insurance Packages in Denver, Colorado.

General Denver, Colorado home insurance packages is normally divided into three categories:

HO1, HO2 and HO3.

The basic home insurance package that covers only a few perils is called HO1. HO2 and HO3 are extended policy types which have protection against many more peril. HO3 is by far the most common home insurance type and covers just about anything.

HO1(Basic Coverage) provides coverage of the following perils:

Lightning and Fire

Damages to Cars and Aircrafts from Earthquakes

Mischief and Vandalism



Riots and Civil Unrest


Windstorm, Hail and Hurricanes

Accidental Water Damage

HO2 (Extensive Coverage) includes the same perils as HO1, but also includes:

Building and Home collapses

Freezing Damages

Water and Steam Damages Incurred From Plumbing and Water Heating

HO3 (All Risk Coverage) is called all risk coverage, because it includes almost all perils, except a few which are:

Property Damage from Earthquakes

Vermin Infection (mice, rats, insects)


Freezing Damages While Your House Was Unoccupied (Except if you turned of water or turned on heating)

Wind or Hail Damage To Shrubs and Trees

Vacated Home Expenses (Expenses incurred while you were away from your home for over 60 days in a row)

Maintenance (Wear and Tear)

Water Seepage Damage.

What Insurance Limit Do You Need For Your Denver Home Insurance?

When you have chosen between HO1, HO2 and HO3 as your insurance type, you will have to set your insurance limit. This is the total amount you will be insured for. The rest of the individual payouts will be calculated from this limit, so it is important to choose realistically and precises. Below are three tips on how to make a better estimate:

  •    Prepare a list of all your belongings and their value. This will help you in choosing a limit for your personal property.
  •    Decide on how much personal risk you can take on. If your deductible is higher, then you can afford a higher insurance limit.
  •    Make sure you have a proper evaluation of items and property you don't know the value of.

How Is The Cost Of Denver Home Insurance Calculated?

After choosing the insurance type (HO1, HO2, HO3) and your insurance limit, several other factors will affect the premium:
House Construction and Property Age

Because older houses are more likely to be damaged in fire or storms, some Denver home insurance companies charge an extra to insure them.

Credit Rating

Under some circumstances you will be required to pay a credit rating premium. This is usually only if your credit is bad or you face unemployment.


Deductible is the main money saver on your insurance policy. If you choose a higher deductible, that is you choose to cover more of the cost yourself, then your premium will be lower. If you lower your deductible then you will have to cover less expenses yourself, but your premium will be higher.

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