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Atlanta Home Insurance

Atlanta Home Insurance

Home insurance is an insurance form that covers your insurance needs for your house, property, items on your property and people who enter/stay at your property. As such it is the most important insurance policy you will need. Atlanta home insurance in the state of Georgia is available in different packages, but the overall structure is the same. An Atlanta home insurance will consist of 4 main coverage areas: Homeowner Dwelling And Personal Property, Liability, Medical Payments and Additional Home Living Expenses.

Home Dwelling and Personal Property Coverage

Home dwelling is the part of your insurance that cover your main house and any additional structures on your property. If any structures on your property suffer damage, then you will be covered under home dwelling. Additional structures such as tool sheds, garage or extra storage, that are not part of your main house are also covered under this policy, usually up to 10% of the insurance limit.

Personal property includes your belongings inside your house such as furniture, valuables and household appliances against damage from fire, flood and other perils, and also against theft. Your outside items are also insured under this category as long as its not a vehicle. Personal property payout limits are usually set at around 50% of your total insurance limit.

Personal Liability Coverage

Personal liability refers to incidents where you are legally responsible for damage or injury done to a third party on your property. Personal liability insurance covers all your fees associated with such a claim, including the legal fees from defending yourself in court and the final compensation, should a court decide to grant the claim.

All persons in your household is insured under one policy, including your dog and other pets.

There is no deductible for personal liability, meaning that you will always be covered and will not have to pay out any amount yourself. The usual maximum payout for personal liability is 100.000$ although this can be increased.

Medical Payments Coverage

If the unfortunate event happens, and someone is injured at your premises, and they require medical attention, then medical payments will cover the costs. This is regardless of whether you were responsible or not. Do note that some insurance companies do not cover the entire cost if you were responsible, so study the conditions carefully.

Additional Living Expenses

Additional living expenses covers the situation where you may have to relocate temporarily, because of severe damage to your home. In that situation you will be covered for stays of up to 12 months in a motel or apartment, while your home is repaired. The total payout amount you can receive is normally at 20% of the total insurance limit.

Additional Coverage:

Some households may find themselves wanting more coverage than is included in a standard package. It could be that you live in an area with bad weather and thunderstorm or you need additional insurance against mold. Here a some common additional coverage areas:

Debris Removal:

If you are sometimes subject to thunderstorms or floods, you may want to get this insurance. Debris removal pays for the cost of having debris removed from your property.

Trees, Plants and Shrubs:

If you have valuable pieces of greens, shrubs or threes on your property, you may want to insure them.

Credit Card Coverage and Identity Theft:

Credit card coverage and identity theft is an optional available in most home insurance policies in Atlanta, Georgia. It will cover you up to $500 for losses incurred due to credit card fraud and identity theft, which is sadly far too common.


It is very rare to find a home insurance that includes coverage for mold damage, but it is usually possible to buy it as additional coverage.

Main Types of Home Insurance Packages in Atlanta, Georgia.

For Home Insurance Atlanta, you can select from 3 packages depending on how much coverage you need:

HO1, HO2 and HO3.

The most basic type available is HO1. HO2 and HO3 are extended policy types which cover more. They are the most common types of home insurance.

HO1(Basic Coverage) covers the following risks and perils:

Lightning and Fire

Damages to Cars and Aircrafts from Earthquakes

Mischief and Vandalism



Riots and Civil Unrest


Windstorm, Hail and Hurricanes

Accidental Water Damage

HO2 (Extensive Coverage) has the same coverage as HO1, as well as:

Building and Home collapses

Freezing Damages

Water and Steam Damages Incurred From Plumbing and Water Heating

HO3 (All Risk Coverage) is the most extensive form of coverage, and is best described by the perils it does NOT cover:

Property Damage from Earthquakes

Vermin Infection (mice, rats, insects)


Freezing Damages While Your House Was Unoccupied (Except if you turned of water or turned on heating)

Wind or Hail Damage To Shrubs and Trees

Vacated Home Expenses (Expenses incurred while you were away from your home for over 60 days in a row)

Maintenance (Wear and Tear)

Water Seepage Damage.

What Limit Should You Choose For Your Atlanta Home Insurance?

After deciding what general coverage type you need, you will then have to choose the insurance limit. This will determine how much you are able to claim against your policy. A higher limit gives you a higher compensation, but will cost you more in premiums.

To better be able to choose the right limit, make sure you have prepared yourself:

  •    Do an inventory list of all your belongings and their value. Include the original receipts were possible.
  •    Decide on how much you personal risk, you are willing to bear. If you have a higher deductible, then your insurance limit can be higher for the same price.
  •    If your house is custom built or old, get a professional evaluation of the value.

What Determines The Cost Of Atlanta Home Insurance?

The cost of home insurance will depend mainly on what type of coverage you choose (HO1, HO2, HO3). Other than that, here are the most important factors:

House Construction and Property Age

Some Atlanta and Georgia insurance companies charge less to insure newer homes than older. This is because newer houses are less likely to be damaged in storms or fires.

Credit Rating

A basic credit check will sometimes be carried out by the insurance company and a credit risk premium may be added.


Deductible is the amount you will have to cover yourself, before your insurance policy steps in. The deductible can be negotiated as to be higher or lower. A lower deductible will make the premium more expensive, but will cover more accidents. A higher deductible will make the premium lower, but cover less.

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