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An Overview of Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Homeowners insurance will usually cover the cost of repairing or replacing your home, your property and your valuable possessions in case of an emergency, natural disaster or theft. Homeowners insurance can also provide a secure and responsible way to protect against financial liability in the event anyone is injured while visiting your home or in case you accidentally cause damage to a neighbor’s property.

Tips for Homeowners Insurance Quotes

When getting homeowners insurance quotes, make sure you have enough coverage to cover the cost of rebuilding your home. Insurance can help to cover the costs of replacing or repairing the structure or foundation of your home, all of your personal belongings, the cost of living expenses in the event your home is rendered unlivable, and your liability to others, in the event of bodily harm or damage to their possessions.

Remember, you must insure your home and possessions at current market value, so that you do not underestimate the replacement cost. To determine the value of your home, multiply the square footage by the local building costs per square foot. To find local building costs, contact a construction company, real estate agent, or builders association in your community.

Many insurance companies offer coverage for personal property, liability (inclusive to your family), and guest medical protection, for any guests who may be injured in your home. As well, many will cover the costs for any living expenses should your home become uninhabitable.

Types of Homeowners Insurance

Most insurance companies offer standard policies, although they are not available in all states. HO-1 and HO-2 are the most basic policies and will cover most people’s needs. HO-1 is basic coverage, including coverage in case of fire or lightening damage. HO-2 provides more extensive coverage including loss of or damage to property as a result of wind, hail, weight of snow, ice, or sleet, theft, vandalism, explosion, fire, smoke, glass breakage, building collapse, freezing of or accidental leaking of water or steam from heating and cooling units, and plumbing and/or falling objects.

It is important to note that most insurance companies do not offer flood and earthquake coverage as part of standard policies, but will cover you for an additional premium.

Homeowners insurance quotes are not always easy to understand. Educate yourself about the insurance that you need and be sure to cover all bases.

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