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Home Inventory Software for Home Contents Insurance

You may have home contents insurance as part of your homeowner insurance policy, but to ensure that you have enough coverage, you need to conduct a home inventory.

Putting together an up-to-date, room-by-room inventory of your entire house is important if you want to make sure your homeowner's insurance policy provides enough home contents insurance to cover your personal possessions. Of course, you can create an inventory list in a notebook, attaching saved receipts and photos. After the initial set-up, you can use the software to update your list as you purchase or eliminate personal belongings with only the click of a mouse.

For homeowners who have been building up their personal belongings for years, taking home inventory will seem a daunting task. But, if your whole family works together, the task can be fun and finished in an afternoon. And, wouldn't you rather have you possessions documented before you suffer a loss?

To get started, make note of especially expensive items, such as jewelry, collectibles, or silverware as valuable items may need separate insurance. Remember that you also need to include commonplace items, like CDs, DVDs, toys and clothing.

Your detailed list should include replacement costs of items in case they are stolen or destroyed. For better organization, you should consider including photographs and videotape in your documentation. You want to photograph all of your possessions, or walk through your home with your video camera, capturing its contents. Don't forget to open drawers, cabinets and closets. A benefit of videotaping is that you can narrate while you film! It's easy to include photos in your home inventory list if you use a digital camera.

Having home contents insurance is important to help protect you, your family, your belongings and your home, but using home inventory software to create a detailed inventory list will help to ensure you have enough coverage to replace your possessions, get your claims settled faster and substantiate losses for your income tax return.

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