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Best Home Insurance Coverage

Home insurance provides a secure and responsible way to protect your home, your family, and your valuable possessions in case of an emergency or natural disaster. The best home insurance policies protect you against personal liability in the event anyone is injured while visiting your home or in the event you accidentally damage a neighbor’s property.

Most home insurance policies cover your house and surrounding property, however, coverage varies depending on the individual company, so be sure to check your own policy to ensure you are covered for whatever may arise.

Home insurance includes attachments or extensions to your house, such as a garage or any rental space that is considered to be part of your property. Any free standing buildings or structures on your property are typically covered through homeowners insurance. Though these buildings are not attached to your home, they are legally considered part of your home. Detached garages, greenhouses, sheds, pool houses, guest homes or gazebos fall under this category.

Insurance on your possessions includes all possessions, regardless of value, belonging to you and your family. Home insurance may also cover all possessions belonging to guests staying in your home when disaster struck, as well as possessions not belonging to you, but in your home when the damage occurred.

Insurance on the perimeter around your home includes the lawn, landscaping and garden space. Vacant land on your property is covered in the event of that you either own or rent, excluding farmland. Usually farmland requires additional insurance coverage.

If your home is damaged to an extreme extent and deemed unlivable, all living expenses incurred by you and your family may be temporarily covered, until permanent housing can be reassumed. If damages occur to rental property that is considered part of your home, rental payments may be covered temporarily in the event that tenants cannot live on your property.

The thought of natural disaster or otherwise damaging events rendering you homeless, is a scary one. Make sure you are prepared and knowledgeable about what you are covered for under your property insurance plan.

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