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Washington DC Health Insurance

According to the Center for Disease Control, between 2001 and 2003 an average of 13.3% of Washington D.C. residents did not have Washington D.C. health insurance.

Washington DC Health Insurance Regulations

All District of Columbia health insurance companies are required to abide by the guaranteed renewability provision which means that any resident requesting to renew their D.C. health insurance is able to continue and renew their existing policy.

Washington D.C. health insurance can, however restrict new individuals from obtaining medical insurance through a pre-existing exclusion period. This means that any resident who has a medical condition prior to the beginning of a Washington D.C. health insurance policy may not be covered for that particular condition for any length of time. The amount of time before the medical condition is covered under a new D.C. health insurance policy is decided upon by the District of Columbia health insurance provider.

Sometimes the exclusion period can last a few years, other times the Washington D.C. health insurance company may exclude the condition permanently. Old coverage may, however, be credited towards the exclusion period of the new D.C. health insurance plan provided there was not long break in coverage.

D.C. health insurance cannot be canceled due to illness and an individual cannot be denied coverage under group or employer Washington D.C. medical insurance plans. Small employers may buy small group health plans for which they are guaranteed coverage but must meet participation and contribution requirements of the District of Columbia health insurance company.

Washington D.C. Health Insurance Rates

Washington D.C. health insurance rates vary dependent upon the individual. D.C. health insurance companies can deny health care coverage to an individual based on health. Washington D.C. health insurance companies cannot, however, deny coverage to an individual who wishes to renew an existing policy. Premiums can also increase based on changing health and age.

One exception is Blue Cross Blue Shield who is required to offer health insurance to any and every resident during a six-month open enrollment period who wishes to be covered for D.C. health insurance through the company. The offer at least one individual D.C. health insurance policy to each resident of Washington D.C. There is, however, no limit on premiums asked to pay.

Alternative Washington DC Health Insurance Options

Depending on eligibility criteria, a D.C. resident may qualify for one of the following programs that provide a degree of D.C. health insurance:

  • D.C. Medicaid is available to those that meet income and eligibility criteria.
  • D.C. Healthy Families is the Washington D.C. health insurance program for children under 19 who live alone, pregnant women, and parents and guardians who do not qualify for Medicaid but may not be able to afford D.C. health insurance.
  • Health Care Safety Net Administration or the D.C. Healthcare Alliance is a collaborative organization between private healthcare providers and the city of Washington D.C. The organization is set up to help residents in D.C. maintain and improve individual and family health. The objective is provide residents with access to a variety of professional healthcare providers.

District of Columbia Insurance, Securities and Banking

District of Columbia Insurance, Securities and Banking:

Dept. of Insurance, Securities and Banking
Government of the District of Columbia
810 First Street NE
Suite 701
Washington, DC 20002
Phone: (202) 727-8000
Fax: (202) 535-1196

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