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Idaho Health Insurance

According to the Center for Disease Control an average of 17.5% of Idaho residents were uninsured for Idaho health insurance every year between 2001 and 2003.

Idaho Health Insurance Regulations

Idaho health insurance laws make sure that some Idaho health insurance policies are standardized, including coverage and cost. Every resident of Idaho is entitled to one of the following types of Idaho health insurance plans that are required to be offered by Idaho medical insurance companies:

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Catastrophic

All of these types of Idaho health insurance plans cover specific benefits and must be available all year round for individuals who have previously been enrolled under an Idaho health insurance policy. Idaho also has an open enrollment period in which anyone can purchase a policy even if the individual has not previously been covered under an Idaho health insurance plan.

There is no guaranteed renewability provision in Idaho and Idaho health insurance companies are not required to guarantee an individual rights to renew an existing Idaho medical insurance policy. An individual can, however, request such a provision when purchasing an Idaho health insurance policy.

Idaho heath insurance companies can deny coverage for pre-existing conditions for up to one year. A pre-existing condition in Idaho is one for which the individual has been treated or diagnosed during the six months prior to beginning a new Idaho health insurance policy. Medical costs for the condition are not covered during the pre-existing exclusion period. Continued coverage from a previous plan can credit a new Idaho health insurance plan for the exclusion period provided there has been no lapse in coverage.

Although Idaho health insurance companies are required to offer basic standard plans, the Idaho health insurance companies can use health and age as a factor in determining cost and availability of non-standardized Idaho health insurance. Coverage beyond standardized plans is not guaranteed through Idaho health insurance. Depending on age and health changes, Idaho health insurance rates can increase with the changes in an individual’s life.

Conversion Idaho health insurance policies are available for those who lapse in insurance and need medical insurance coverage between jobs or Idaho health insurance plans.

Alternative Idaho Health Insurance Options

Some medical conditions are deemed “uninsurable” through Idaho health insurance companies. Other individuals may need assistance obtaining the proper Idaho medical insurance. Some state programs are available:

  • Idaho Medicaid is available to any individual who meets the eligibility and qualifying criteria.
  • Idaho High Risk Reinsurance Pool is the high-risk pool for the state of Idaho and allows individuals who may otherwise be “uninsurable” for Idaho health insurance to be covered under a group Idaho health insurance plan. Pre-existing conditions may apply.
  • Idaho Children’s Health Insurance Program is designed to give Idaho health insurance to children and teens whose families fail to qualify for Medicaid but may otherwise be unable to afford Idaho health insurance.
  • Idaho Access Card is for children whose parents have Idaho health insurance but cannot afford to cover the cost of health insurance for their child or children. The State of Idaho pays up to $100/month towards monthly Idaho health insurance premiums and up to $300/month for three children or more. Families must qualify for the Access Card.
  • Idaho Department of Insurance

    Idaho Department of Insurance:

    Department of Insurance
    700 West State Street
    P.O. Box 83720
    Boise, ID 83720-0043
    Phone: 208-334-4250
    Fax Numbers: 208-334-4398

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